Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese word. It means ‘finger pressure’. A Shiatsu treatment does not only include the finger but also thumbs, palms, knees, forearms, elbows and feet. Pressure is applied to the areas of energyy lines (meridians) to promote good health by 'stimulating the bodys energy flow (Ki)'. Thai yoga massage is very similar with stretching being the main focus.

Shiatsu  and Thai yoga session

The session often begins with gentle stretching and manipulation techniques to help stimulate the movement of energy and to relax the muscless. Pressure can be applied to both wide areas as well as precise points and varied according to the body’s needs. Sometimes the pressure can be gentle and calming and sometimes the pressure can be deeply stimulating. The amount and type of pressure depends on the specific needs of the individual.

Benefits of Shiatsu and thai yoga massage

Shiatsu and thai yoga can help alleviate the pain associated with a wide range of conditions. Shiatsu and thai yoga can also assist an individual with their self development and self healing; balancing the underlying causes of various conditions; taking into account the functioning of the physical and psychological; promoting health and strengthening the body’s own healing abilities. 

Shiatsu and thai yoga massage is a deeply relaxing experience and regular sessions help to prevent the build-up of stresss in our daily lives. Following a Shiatsu and thai yoga massage, the individual may have feelings of increased vitality and relaxation.


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